What drives us at The Batting Lab

Why we introduced this facility

Hampshire County Cricket Club has welcomed some of the world’s top players through its doors over the years. Shane Warne, Michael Clarke, David Gower, Kevin Pietersen, Wasim Akram and Gordon Greenidge are just some of the big names who have played their county cricket in Hampshire.

Hampshire is home to the largest cricket league in the world. In 2019, the Hampshire Cricket League had 20 divisions, with 306 teams welcoming over 3,000 players to the crease every week in the summer months but club figures have been declining and one of the biggest casualties being over 130 years old. This is mainly due to a significant drop in the number of players.

Many proposals have been put forward to try and prevent the playing numbers from declining further in the future with many ideas but this does not address the real issue. What about attracting new, younger players?

With advances in technology in today’s game when watching cricket on television such as Hawkeye and a vast array of machines, players at village level do not have access to such equipment or the services to have fun and improve their games.

Batting Lab’s core philosophy is providing great facilities with technological advantages to learn, play, enjoy and socialise at whatever level you are in a great environment.

Batting Lab’s unique facility

Learn with technology

Technology and analytics are at the heart of Batting Lab’s core philosophy.

With this, we have captured a wealth of information such as ball speed, footwork, shot selection, scoring against simulated fields and much more.

Youngsters in modern society have a lot of time for technology. They love their phones, tablets and game consoles. By introducing some of that technology into cricket more young players will become interested in continuing their journey in the sport.

People, at whatever age and regardless of the activity, like to see improvement in something they are practising.

By using The Batting Lab, it is possible to track progress and use quantifiable data to monitor the development of players. If a young cricketer can see their hard work and dedication is paying off, they are more likely to continue in the sport as an adult.

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