Batting Lab have a passion for introducing cricket to schools and colleges


Batting Lab encourage head teachers and PE co-ordinators in both primary and secondary schools to come along and sample our facilities and coaching programmes for cricket and enjoy the game. Batting Lab have a passion for raising standards of physical education, reaching levels of attainment and sports coaching for schools whilst actively supporting children to extend their activity levels into the community.

PE education curriculum


Fundamental to our coaching philosophy is a child-centred approach, ensuring children positively engage in physical activity and develop a lifelong love of learning through sport. Enhancing physical literacy, raising self-confidence and improving well-being are at the heart of what we do.

Batting Lab can work with your school to develop a fully inclusive and active curriculum, whilst ensuring the positive values of sport and physical activity are embedded within your school’s ethos, values and vision.

Key learning outcomes

Key elements to our primary school programme

  • Improved Physical Literacy

  • Greater self confidence

  • Enhanced leadership skills

  • Improved game awareness

  • Improved Behaviour

  • Development of transferable skills

  • Enhanced social, cognitive, emotional skills

  • Improved concentration

Pupil assessment and measurement of success


Batting Lab can provide evidence based reporting for schools involving baseline and post physical literacy measurements, monitor pupils’ progress, behaviour and learning outcomes. If requested we can support your school with end of term reports or assessments.

Batting Lab can help expand and enrich the school day experience for each child through structured breakfast, lunch and after school club provision.

Our experienced team of coaches can provide a range of sports and activity clubs which focus on fun, play, enjoyment and can encourage the development of lifelong healthy habits.