Our 2 lanes are expertly laid out to improve your game with state-of-the-art technology to use, covering every aspect of your game or simply have fun

Expert analysis with motion tracking and video clips

The ultimate cricket training system, combining the very best of motion tracking and video analysis into one tool


Get in serious shape for the season


Thinking about advancing your cricket training to fine tune your game, prepare to face the best deliveries and improve technique to score lots of runs with a better pull shot? Now you can with our brand-new state of the art cricket training systems, combining the very best of motion tracking and video analysis into one centre.

Join the cricket revolution with technology on your doorstep. Bat Labber’s can experience the thrill of hitting a ball at speed, varying lengths, trajectories and spin.


Measure competitiveness


Confidence comes with practice but being able to anticipate the next delivery, or to bowl the perfect delivery at you opponent can give you the personal reward that helps your team to progress in a match. Batting Lab’s team of expert coaches, backed up by superior technology will help you to measure your game.

By using The Batting Lab, it is possible to track progress and use quantifiable data to monitor the development of players. If a young cricketer can see their hard work and dedication is paying off, they are more likely to continue in the sport as an adult.


Be the best you can be


Batting Lab offers action-packed courses that will ensure all participants learn and develop a variety of batting, bowling and fielding skills.

Our holiday courses include exciting drills and games and are ideally suited to school or club players, whilst our summer camps are five-day courses for the cricketer looking for a packed course that lasts the same length of time as a Test Match.


Gain a competitive edge


Our coaching sessions are designed to provide you with exactly the right level of support that you need to improve and move closer to your goals, individually or as a team. Our Sessions can be specific to one-to-one, small group, club and schools coaching.

All of which encourages a greater self-awareness, understanding of the game and ownership of your own development.